Kitchen Floors

So last Saturday (3/24), we had a very productive day at the barn, largely due to the help of Billy’s buddy Mike, and my brother Tommy. Lots got done including a bit of paint, light installation, and so on; but the main project of the day were the floors.

Aside from the bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry room, all of the floors on the main level of the barn are either original or re-purposed barn wood (so that means kitchen, great room, front hall, office, game room, and hallway). So we rented a belt sander, had my father’s disc sander on loan, and went to work. Most of the floors have now been sanded; just one section of the great room is left to be done. I’m lame, and forgot to take photos of the sanded floors when we finished.

Then on Sunday Billy and I put a coat of a satin polyurethane on the kitchen floor. After work on Monday, Bill went back and applied coat number 2. And the photos above show that process (while the poly was still wet).

The wide (11″) boards that run from the front door to the barn doors will get wood fill in the gaps (Billy actually started that process tonight), before they get sealed. Hopefully I won’t forget to take some “before polyurethane” photos of the other floors.

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