The original wood fill that we used on the barn floors cracked and started to come out from between the boards. So I looked into alternate solutions; apparently, people have been using natural rope to fill in cracks when restoring old floors. So I thought we’d give that a try. I reformed cracked and broken pieces of the boards with WoodEpox, filled in the gaps with ropes of varying widths, and then dyed the ropes black. I’m about a third of the way through, but will be taking a break from this project for a bit. To be continued…

More light, part 2

Okay, so the sconces took care of the one side of the living room. And we have the lantern over the fireplace for the other side. So then we had to figure out the middle. We found a chandelier, ran some exposed conduit, and hung a hook to avoid having to put a bunch of holes in our ceiling. And we finally have a well-lit living room.

More light, part 1

So I had this big idea; it started when I was trying to figure out ways to add more light to our living room. I thought we could put some sconces to the wall behind the loveseat. And, since that would require putting a number of holes in the drywall, maybe we could cover it with paneling to match the chimney. Well, it worked out. (And we had the boys sign and date the wall before we covered it up.)