We never, never, never would have thought of taking on this project if it weren’t for my uncle, Tom Woodruff.
Basically, we asked him 1. if we’re crazy, and 2. if he’d help.
I’m not certain he ever answered the first question…… but he agreed to the second.  He’s the General Contractor for the renovation, and we’re so fortune to have his talent, support, ingenuity, and enthusiasm.  In a word, he’s awesome.

To contact Tom, write to TGWoodruffLLC@gmail.com.

It’s time for some promotion of the people who have been (and will continue to be) integral in helping us realize our dream.

First, Katie Kennedy and EveryHome Realty.
Bottom line, she didn’t laugh at us.
Instead, she’s been helping us to figure it out as we go.
And we promise that she’s the best agent in the history of real estate. Ever.

To learn more about Katie and EveryHome, visit http://www.everyhome.com/.