Maybe I lied; a little more demolition.

So this week, Tom was down to make a bit more progress. The next step was to tear the roof off of the milkhouse, in order to make way for a rooftop garden. (So I guess we technically weren’t done with demolition, huh?)

Anyway, the local wildlife makes a habit out of dining on our vegetation (as evidenced by the current state of our hostas). The entrance to the house will be an elevated porch over the ground level horse stanchions, to the right of the milkhouse. Instead of leaving the pitched roof, we wanted to flatten it, install some sort of tray and drainage system, and start a garden far out of the reach of our neighboring deer and rabbits (squirrels, on the other hand, are a different story).

And now the roof is no more! To see a before picture, check out the post about the barn exterior; it’s the photo of the east elevation.

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