Electricians and plumbers and surveyors, oh my.


Last week, Billy networked with a whole mess of subcontractors, got some quotes and scheduled some jobs. We’re makin’ moves.

Since then, we’ve already had the surveyor out to demarcate the property.

We were also able to quickly hire a great electrician; Casey Electric was already out at the barn on Monday. He put in a service panel and a meter, and scheduled the inpector to come by today. As soon as the inspector sends the cut card to PECO, we can get new service to the barn.

Since Bill has a modicum of experience, and our new neighbor Chuck is skilled with electrical work, they are going to try to do most of the wiring for the house. This is one of the places that we hope to save some money by doing as much of the work as we can ourselves.

Billy also had meetings with a plumber and an HVAC guy and someone who does spray foam insulation.   We’re still waiting on quotes from them, but the sooner we can get them in and working, the better.

Bill and I were there all weekend ourselves doing work. We have a bit more demo to do.stachions There was this strange little closet room that was all lined in tarpaper that we took down over the weekend (most of it, at least). We also tore up some of the floor in the basement, so we can pour footings for the basement stairs. Part of that entailed pulling a giant post, probably 8 inches in diameter, out of the ground. I think it was buried at least 4 feet. We want to reuse them, though, as banisters for the stairs coming into the front door and inside, so we had to painstakingly dig it out.

We still need to pull down part of the old hayloft. A piece of it will remain as a loft, but some (the rotted parts, in particular) will come down to elevate the ceilings in the great room. On Saturday our buddy Brian came to help, and we had an unexpected visit from my father: he was dropping off a hand-me-down couch (they are replacing the one in the kitchen, and gave their old one to us).

And we plan to be back this Saturday for more work! We have to capitalize on free time when we have it (because we don’t have much).

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