Framing spaces.

So we wanted to get these photos up before Tom comes to town and makes more ridiculous progress.  It’s amazing what he can get done on his own, nevermind with helpers who actually know what they’re doing (read: not me and Billy). Anyway, last week, Tom and his crew (Dave and Adam) came and did a whole mess of work; in just a day, they completed the ceiling joists in the downstairs guest rooms, framed out the kitchen, built some temporary stairs, and started on the mid-level guest room.
Pretty amazing.

But please ignore the lousy photo quality: it was dusk when we got there (which means poor lighting), and didn’t we didn’t have our camera (which means cell phone photos only).

We’re relieved to be making some forward progress with construction, as we’re not making forward progress with the loan.  (We’re still waiting on various and sundry organizations to get their collective acts together…… and we’re loosing time, money and patience).

Ah well.  In due time, I suppose.

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