First framing.

Needless to say, we’re a little anxious to get started on work.  We couldn’t even begin the application for the construction loan until the farmhouse was sold and out of our names.  So there’s a bit of lag time…… and we’re getting restless.  In the meantime, Billy placed our first lumber order with Tague Lumber (  They were great: had everything in stock, delivered quickly, and came with a forklift so that they could distribute our order to the locations we need it.  Awesome.

Tom (TGWoodruff, LLC) has also been eager to move forward.  So, on Sunday morning, Billy and I got call call that he, and my father, were on their way to us.  We were going to do some preliminary framing!  So exciting.  Since this process has entailed a lot of waiting, it’s nice to see some progress.

We framed out the two first floor bedrooms and a bathroom; they are in the space over the garage.  One we call my parents’ room, so that they have a place to stay when they’re visiting us in PA.  The other is an additional guest room.  Those two rooms share the full bathroom in the hall.
The remaining space over the garage has been dubbed the “pool room,” since Billy acquired a free pool table (thanks, Andy!).

Here are some photos of the finished products from that day!
(Please ignore the trash piles, (as we didn’t have a dumpster yet), and the lousy photo quality.)
How cool is this?!
We’re on our way!

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