We don’t feel particularly patient, but I suppose we have been.  Today was a very (very) long time coming, but worth the wait.  The farmhouse is sold, a huge milestone in our project. Essentially, all of our renovation money has been tied up in that house, so since we bought it and the barn back in April, we’ve been doing (delicate) demo, and waitingwaitingwaiting.

But today was our closing, and the farmhouse is officially sold. 

Not only is it sold, but it’s sold to really rad people.  Who will be our future-neighbors. And we can’t be more excited.

It’s a bizarre dynamic, selling to people who will be your neighbors. 

Most real estate transactions are:

“Hi, nice to meet you, sign here, thanks for buying our house, good luck and we’ll probably never see you again.”

Ours was more:

“You like our house?  Cool, cause we love it too.  ps. We’ll be living next door, in (six/seven/eight) months, when construction is done.  How do you feel about dogs / composting / split-rail fences?  Sure, you can borrow our tractor / chainsaw / driveway.  See you next weekend!”

We’ve been in touch with them a lot leading up to closing, and we think we’re off to a great start.  We’re pretty pumped about it.

So, the farmhouse is officially sold. 

And all that’s left to do is……… everything.

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