So, in an ideal world, Billy and I would have working on our little project voraciously for the last six months. But things didn’t really work out that way.

We bought the farmhouse and the barn together, as they are adjacent properties (though subdivided), and the previous owners didn’t want to sell them separately. When we did that, we basically tied up all of our renovation money in the house. So we had to sell the house before we could (afford to) start work on the barn. We listed it in May, and had a ton of interest right away (it’s an awesome house). Problem was, everyone who was interested had their own houses to sell. Contingent offers don’t move quickly. So we had to stay patient.

Fortunately, our real estate agent is a rockstar, and our patience has paid off! We have accepted an offer from a pretty great family who we think will be sweet neighbors. And we have a closing date…… so the countdown is on to 11/30.

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