here we go……

Alright, so here’s the Brazills attempt at blogging. 
See, many of our friends have turned to a blog to keep their network of loved ones up to date on what’s happening in their lives; it seems like most blogs were sparked by a momentous occasion (primarily the arrival of their first child). 

Well, this blog is the result of a momentous occasion, too.
But we’re not having a baby.

We’re having a barn.

Let me explain:

After I got a job in the Philly area, B and I began our real estate hunt.  We had this romantic idea of finding an old property and renovating it into our home…… and found what we were looking for right away: this gorgeous wood and stone bank barn on one acre in Media.  

But in pursuing the property, we hit one obstacle after another: we couldn’t get in touch with the listing agent, it was under contract (twice), the owners were also selling the adjacent house and didn’t want to sell the properties separately.  You name it, we faced it. 

But last month, we made an offer on both properties – the house and the barn.
And last week, it was accepted.

So it was July 2009 when we got ourselves into this mess.  
And now, 9 agonizing months later, we have an Agreement of Sale. 
We’re excited and exhausted. 

We basically carried the barn to term.
And it’s only the beginning.


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