(un)settlement day.

We were supposed to have settlement on our construction loan today.
(I really wish that sentence read “we had settlement on our construction loan today.”)
But, alas, it was postponed.

So, the property we own is what’s left of a former 40 acre dairy farm.  The barn and the farmhouse were subdivided into their own parcels in 1976 and 1977 with the rest of the neighborhood.  The only map of our property we were ever shown and have ever seen was the one from ‘77.  Apparently, information on our property was either poorly (or not at all) recorded before or since then, and now we have to wait until we can put the pieces together.

We just found out about this last Friday, and needless to say, it didn’t get straightened out in time for us to close today.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re cleaning up a mess 35 years in the making. 

……we just hope it doesn’t take too long.

A bit more waiting.

On Christmas Eve, we got an email from our bank guy, Tad at First Savings Bank of Perkasie (https://www.firstsavingsonline.com/), that the commitment letter for our loan was in the mail, and once we had it in our hands, we could schedule our settlement date.  Awesome!  Then, there was Christmas day, then a snow storm, then the New Year’s holiday.  So the USPS isn’t exactly rushing it to our door. We’re a bit anxious, but realize we will close on this loan sooner rather than later.

So to move forward (as we wait), we ordered a dumpster and it was delivered last week.  Today, we cleared out that unsightly pile of rotten / water damaged / unusable boards (that appear in a photo or two).  So the space is ready to continue framing, once Tom is able and our loan is done. 

Alright, 2011. 
Let’s do this.