Working outside.

We were quite busy this weekend, and the primary focus was the exterior. We did a bit of staining and painting. We just barely put a bit of stain on thebarn stain close-up. front porch, but we did stain a large part of the front of the house, and painted the trim as well.

On Thursday, though, Billy and I had taken the day off of work. We were fortunate to spend quite a bit of time at the barn with Tom. He got some more windows installed, and we also repaired a few of the floorboards. So it’s official: people can no longer plummet through cavernous holes from the main level into the basement.
Hooray for tiny victories.

Exterior tour

Here’s a quick exterior photo tour of the barn before we did much work.  The only change we’ve made shown in these photos was painting the milk house; (when we bought the property, it was a light blue to match the farmhouse, and we painted it gray).